Benoquik 20% Cream Monobenzone

Benoquik Monobenzone cream is made by Quik Pharmaceuticals. It is used for depigmentation of the skin as a treatment for widespread vitiligo. It contains 20% concentration of monobenzone.

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Benoquik cream is basically used for treating depigmentation on the skin. Depigmentation is a skin disorder in which there occurs a loss of skin color in blotches or patches. This cream is specially designed in order to lighten and brighten your skin tone. It is very useful in treating a skin condition, namely Vitiligo. Benoquik cream works by reducing the content of melanin present in your skin. It can treat skin conditions like extensive vitiligo and idiopathic vitiligo. 

Uses Of Benoquik Cream

Some of the best uses of Benoquik cream are listed and explained below.

  • Benoquik cream is useful in treating permanent depigmentation of normal skin in people. 
  • We use this cream to lighten and brighten the skin.
  • This cream is helpful in eliminating dead skin cells from the skin.
  • Benoquik cream is helpful in reducing the melanin content on your skin.
  • This cream can also treat mild to moderate allergic reactions like skin allergies, irritation, and itching.
  • Benoquik cream can also treat some burning signs or sensations that can be caused by excessive heat or fire burns.

How Benoquik Cream Works?

Benoquik cream works by decreasing the melanin content present in your skin. Its main role is to increase the excretion of melanin from the melanocytes present in the skin. It improves the overall quality of your skin by enhancing the texture and appearance of your skin. However, melanin is a pigment that is used to protect the skin from sun damage and provides color to the skin. This cream can benefit the people with Vitiligo skin condition. 

How To Use Benoquik Cream?

Benoquik ointment is best used for treating pigmentation and hyperpigmentation. We should use it in the following steps.

  • Read the instructions written on the product label carefully.
  • Consult your doctor before using this cream on your face.
  • First, clean your face with a mild soap or face wash.
  • Ensure to check a small portion of your skin by applying a few drops of this cream. 
  • Rinse that part with water immediately if irritation occurs at that part.
  • Apply the ointment at the clean face in a circular motion.
  • Use your fingers until the product gets absorbed into your skin.


Benoquik cream is composed of a compound called Monobenzone in a 20 gram tube. Monobenzone is regarded as the main and active ingredient of this skin-lightening cream.

Possible Benefits Of Benoquik Cream

Benoquik cream is one of the best products that is used for skin lightening and brightening. These creams have a large amount of benefits and some of them are mentioned below.

  • Benoquik cream is beneficial for those who are suffering from the Vitiligo skin condition. 
  • This cream is beneficial for blocking the process that leads to discoloration.
  • It is useful in reducing the signs of redness, rashes, pain, and itchiness present on the skin.
  • It is beneficial to enhance the skin tone and texture by rejuvenating the skin cells.

Serious Side Effects Of Using Benoquik Cream 

These skin-lightening creams have some side effects and out of which some are listed and explained below.

  • You may experience irritation, itching, and redness after applying this cream.
  • Some changes in the color of untreated skin after some time of using this cream.
  • You may experience some dark patches of skin due to skin allergy.
  • Dryness caused on the skin because of pregnancy.
  • A burning sensation on your skin.
  • Temporary redness or a tingling sensation on your skin.

Storage Instructions Of Benoquik Cream

You should store the Benoquik cream at a cool temperature not over 30 degrees Celsius. Try to keep this product or any other skin lightening cream away from the reach of small children or adolescents. We should keep away this cream from direct heat, sunlight, and moisture.

General Instructions For Using Benoquik Cream

As Benoquik cream comes under the category of skin-lightening creams, so you should follow the below-mentioned general instructions.

  • Inform your doctor about all the other skincare products that you are using in your daily routine. 
  • Use this ointment regularly in order to notice its impact on your face soon.
  • Always wash your hands gently before applying this ointment to your skin.
  • This cream would take a maximum of four months to show its proper effects. 
  • Talk to your doctor if you experience any changes in color of your untreated skin.
  • Inform your doctor if you see no changes on your skin. 

Precautions And Warnings Related To Benoquik Cream

You should be careful while using this product sometimes like as mentioned below.

  • Benoquik cream should not be used by pregnant ladies or breastfeeding women as it may cause harm to their skin.
  • Consult your skin doctor if you experience any dark patches on your skin or any other skin condition.
  • It is better to use this product with a good quality sunscreen if you are stepping out in the sun.
  • Read the outer label of this cream carefully and follow all the instructions written over it.

Buying Guide 

You can buy the Benoquik cream from our website LivAyush.Com at reasonable and affordable prices. However, this cream is easily available at any over the counter medicinal store. You can even purchase it from any nearby pharmacy store. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For what purpose is the Benoquik cream used for?

Benoquik cream is mainly used for treating the skin problems like depigmentation, hyperpigmentation, melasma, and vitiligo. Their main purpose is to lighten the skin tone and remove the impurities present on your skin.

Mention some of the common side effects of using this skin-lightening cream.

Some of the common side effects of using this skin-lightening cream are dry skin, dark patches, roughness, itching, irritation, swelling of face, wheezing, and burning sensation.

What precautions should be taken while using Benoquik cream?

Some precautions that should be taken while applying Benoquik cream are telling your doctor immediately if you face any signs of irritation or itching on your skin. Also, use this product with properly clean hands. 

Does alcohol interact with any skin-lightening cream or ointment?

Alcohol does not interact with Benoquik cream or any skin-lightening cream. But, it is better to avoid excess alcohol consumption while using this cream.

Which is the main compound used in Benoquik cream?

The main compound used in this cream is the Monobenzone. It is used to treat skin depigmentation and loss of skin color with a vitiligo skin condition.


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