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The Best Treatment for Vitiligo at Livayush

Vitiligo is a disease that causes loss of skin colour and this can happen on any part of the body. People with vitiligo develop white patches in many areas of their body mostly around nose, lips, between fingers and around eyes. Here, at Livayush, you’ll find products to cure vitiligo by re-pigmenting the skin. The products are specially designed for people suffering from vitiligo.

What is Vitiligo Disease?

Vitiligo is a skin condition that causes loss of skin colour on the entire body. The extent and the rate of colour loss from vitiligo are totally unpredictable. The vitiligo disease can affect the skin on any part of the body. It may also affect the hair and inside the mouth. Treatment for vitiligo may restore the colour to the affected areas, but it doesn’t prevent or avoid the continued loss of skin colour or a recurrence.

The condition is photosensitive, meaning, the areas that are affected by Vitiligo will become more sensitive to sunlight than those that aren’t.

Causes of Vitiligo

Normally, the skin colour is determined by the amount of melanin in the skin. Vitiligo occurs when the cells that produce melanin stop functioning or die. Vitiligo can affect people with all skin types, but the effect is mainly noticeable in people with darker skin. It is not life-threatening or contagious but it can certainly be stressful and make you feel bad about yourself.

Vitiligo may also run in heredity. You are more likely to get affected by vitiligo if someone else in your family has it too

Facts about Vitiligo:

  • Vitiligo can affect people of any age or gender.
  • The condition is usually lifelong.
  • The exact cause is unknown but it may be an autoimmune disorder or virus.
  • It is not contagious.
  • It will almost always show up before the age of 40 i.e., between 10-30.

Symptoms of Vitiligo Disease

The main symptom of vitiligo is patchy loss of skin colour. Usually, the loss of skin colour usually shows up on the sun-exposed areas such as hands, feet, arms, lips and the entire face.

Signs of Vitiligo:

  • Premature greying of hair on your scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows or beard.
  • Discolouration in the tissues that line the inside of your mouth and nose (mucous membrane)
  • Change of colour in the inner layer of the eyeball

Depending upon the type of Vitiligo you have, the discoloured patches may cover-

Most parts of your body: This is called Generalized Vitiligo which is the most common type where the loss of skin colour often progress constantly and any parts of the body.

One-sided or a part of your body: This type of vitiligo is called Segmental Vitiligo where discolouration tend to occur at a younger age, progress for a year or two and then stop.

One or only a few areas of the body: This type is called localized or Focal Vitiligo.

It is has been a challenge forever to predict how your disease will progress. Sometimes, the patches stop forming without any treatment. In most cases, discolouration spreads and eventually involves spreading on the entire body. Rarely, the skin gets its colour back.

People suffering from Vitiligo may be at increased risk of

  • Sunburn and skin cancer
  • Eye problems such as inflammation of the iris
  • Hearing impairments.
  • You may get into social or psychological stress.

Is there any Cure for Vitiligo?

Livayush provides products which are effective and specially designed for the people suffering from Vitiligo. The main ingredient in the products has monobenzone which helps in re-pigmenting the skin.

Benoquik Cream:

It is manufactured by Quik pharmaceuticals. It is also known as Benoquik 20% Monobenzone cream as it contains 20% of monobenzone. It inhibits the production of tyrosine enzyme which is involved in the production of melanin and as the amount of melanin production decreases, the areas of normal skin gradually start matching the vitiligo affected skin.

Benoquik contains 20% concentration of monobenzone in the water-soluble base along with sodium lauryl sulphate, purified water, propylene glycol, cetyl alcohol and white wax.

Benoquine Monobenzone Cream:

Benoquin Cream is the most popular and recommended by the doctors for treating vitiligo. The cream helps maintain the colour of the skin in the patients who are suffering from the problems relating to depigmenting of skin.

Benoquin is the star product of Livayush which is specially used to treat vitiligo.

Melgain Lotion for Vitiligo:

Melgain lotion, manufactured by Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, is considered to be the first peptide-based drug for vitiligo. Melgain contains deca-peptide topical as an active ingredient that works by inhibiting the growth of microorganisms.

Melgain leads to re-pigmentation in 80-90% of the people suffering from vitiligo

Skin Care at Livayush

Along with Vitiligo, Livayush is known for its products in acne, sunscreen, hyperpigmentation, anti-fungal, scars and wounds, hair growth, unwanted hair removal, and eyelash enhancers. Our best-selling category is the skin lightening where the star product is Melalite Forte Cream in medical skin lightening and Kojic Acid Cream in herbal skin lightening. With fastest and free shipping services, Livayush is #1 online beauty store in the market.

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