Privacy Policy

When you order through the site, you agree to the current Privacy Policy and User Agreement of the site.

The information which the Livayush site collects: We only collect the information you share with us during your purchase and which is essential for us to fulfil the order you placed. When ordering or registering on our site, you’ll be asked to enter your shipping details such as- name, surname, contact number, city, country, postal code and email address.

How Livayush use the Information: All the information that we collect will be used to personalize and enhance your experience with us and the purchases and to improve our services. The email that you will provide for processing the order, will be used to send you the important information, updates regarding your order, offers and newsletter notifications.

How Livayush protects the information: Our site takes the following security measures to protect your personal data:

  1. All incoming and outgoing data from our site are encrypted via 256 bit SSL Trusted Certificate;
  2. When an order is placed, all the financial information regarding your order will be transferred to the payment provider server and will be deleted from our database automatically for your safety.

How long Livayush keeps your data: All the personal information of customers are stored for 5 years due to aspects of the business.

Can we disclose the information to 3rd parties: We don’t share your personal information with any 3rd parties except the payment provider and the warehouse authorities.

  • Payment provider has access to your personal data because the provider processes the payments you made via our site where all your information such as name, surname, shipping and billing addresses, contact, email address and credit/debit card data transferred are stored via an encrypted connection using 256 bit SSL Trusted Certificate.
  • Your shipping information (full shipping address with contact number) can be disclosed to our warehouse authorities involved in the process of fulfilling your order. All the information is always encrypted via 256 bit SSL Trusted Certificate or shared via web applications with already implemented security measures.
  • We also have the right to disclose the personal data of our customers to law enforcement if such action is necessary.

Third-party links in Livayush: We may include third party services links on our website. We don’t take any responsibility for the content and the activities on these sites.

The right of personal data access and removal: We may change or delete your personal information from our websites and servers at your request. Registered users can review and edit their personal information by logging on to the site by entering their credentials. This information includes the customer’s profile, shipping address and recent purchases.

A customer can edit/delete their account from our site whenever he’d like or contact us at any time and we will assist or do it from our end.

Personal data Control: Any customer can contact us directly to remove or update their information. Any registered user can also personally update or remove their data from our database by entering into their account that he/she created or by contacting us directly via the contact form or email.

Changes in Privacy Policy: Livayush reserves the right to reconsider or make an alteration to our privacy policy.

Livayush will not sell, purchase, provide, exchange or in any other way disclose the account or transaction data, or personal information of or about a cardholder to anyone except its acquirer, Visa/Mastercard Corporations, warehouse authorities involved in fulfilling the payment and shipping services, or in response to legal government demands.

Contacts: If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy, you may contact us via the Contact Us page or by e-mail-