Eukroma Cream (hydroquinone 4 %) 20g


What Are the Causes of Hydroquinone ?
Eukroma lotion manufactured by Yash Laboratories contains the very prominent skin lightening agent Hydroquinone 4 percent. Hyperpigmentation trigger by an overproduction of melanin pigment granules by melanocytes. There are not many factors involved 1) Chloasma is skin discolorations brought on by hormones. Hormones are normally the consequence of pregnancy, contraceptives or progesterone and estrogen replacement treatment.2) Melasma is popularly known as darkening of the skin and can trigger by Aging, solar spots, and acne scars.Hydroquinone is oxidized to benzoquinone to create its bleaching effects. In our body there’s enzyme named Coenzyme-Q has a component in its own own structure. Hydroquinone reduction formation and increase the breakdown of melamine in skin. Hydroquinone inhibiting the action of tyrosinase, the enzyme needed to make melanin in melanocytes.

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