BOXTLAK-BL Anti Aging Cream


The components utilized in Boxtlak cream increase the amount of skin cell turnover as efficiently as retinoid treatment with no flaking, no redness and irritation that is often associated with retinoids. Centella Asiatica extract was shown in clinical trials to strengthen capillary walls, resulting in improvement or eradication of small vessels on the nose when used everyday and face. Younger, healthy looking skin encourage, with greater color, texture and elasticity. This hard-to-find beauty product is reinforced with strong Palmitoyl Hexapeptide (BoNT-L) a faux botulinum peptide, along with other important ingredients. Boxtlak-BL can be considered of a skincare product that was cutting edge. Topically applied along with other synergistic agents in a liquid crystal formula designed to permeate the upper skin layer, BoNT-L won’t paralyze facial muscles as Botox injection treatment does, but instead works on the receptors located just below the skin’s surface (by copying a neurotransmitter) to help relax facial expressions, leading to a naturally improved look with progress in wrinkles, wrinkles and facial sagging.

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