Lumigan 0.01 Eye Drops For Intense Eye Fluid Pressure


Lumigan eye drops are manufactured by Allergan Inc. The medicine is used to treat hypertension (increased fluid pressure), glaucoma, or hypotrichosis (losing eyelashes) in the eye. The medicine helps to increase the fluid pressure and let it flow into the blood instead to reduce the eye pressure. It can protect you from partial or complete blindness.

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Allergan Lumigan Eye Drops 0.01% is a magical solution that will reduce the high fluid pressure in your eye. It can occur if you are suffering from glaucoma or hypertension in the eye. It lowers the pressure in the eye by diverting the fluid to the bloodstream. This helps to prevent blindness.

Uses of Allergan Lumigan

Intraocular Hypertension: The eyedrops are used for people who suffer from fluid hypertension in the eye where the fluid pressure is too much.

Open-Angle Glaucoma: The eyedrops help to reduce the pressure in the eye which when persists can cause blindness in most cases.

Hypotrichosis of the lashes: Hypotrihosis means the inadequate growth of the eyelash hair. The eye drop helps to increase the growth, volume, and darkness of the eyelash.

Precautions for using Lumigan Eye Drops

In case you have any predetermined allergy to bimatoprost, you must avoid using the Lumigan 0.1 Eye Drops. You also need to consult your doctor if you feel there are any precautions you need to take. Check out for these problems:

  • Swelling or any infection in your eye;
  • Retinal detachment; or
  • Eye surgery or injury troubling the lens of your eye.

Lumigan eyelash growth eyedrops might cause a sudden change in the color of your eye. The changes include an increase in the growth and volume of the eyelashes. They happen gradually over 3-4 weeks so you might not notice them immediately The color of your iris change might be permanent depending on the sensitivity from the individual to the individual. 

How to Use Lumigan Eye Drops

  • Lumigan Generic eye drops are to be added daily once a day or as directed by the doctor. 
  • You need to wash your hands before using the medicine as it can contaminate the eye or the medicine. Do not touch the dropper or let it get in contact with any other body part or surface. Do not touch your eye while putting in the medicine.
  • To put the drops in your eye, tilt your head back, and look upwards. Iden your eyes and drop an eyedrop into your eyes.
  • Close your eyes for 1-2 minutes. Place your finger at the inner corner of your eye and apply little pressure to ensure that the drops don’t flow away. 
  • Do not rub your eye.
  • Repeat the process on both eyes.

Dosage of Lumigan

Lumigan eyelashes drop is supposed to be used once a day or as directed by your doctor. If you have missed any dose, do not try and overcompensate by putting an extra drop in your eyes. Put the missed dosage more than 2 hours before your next dosage. Do not put it otherwise and follow your routine. In case of any side effects due to overdose, refer to your doctor immediately.

In case you use more Lumigan 0.01% eye drops

  • In case you use more of the LUMIGAN 0.001% eye drops, rinse off the extra eyedrop by washing your eyes with fresh water and then pat dry. If any side effects persist, talk to your doctor about it.

In case you forget to use Lumigan 0.01% eye drops

  • If case you forgot to use LUMIGAN 0.01% eye drops, put an eye drop as soon as you remember and if it is two hours before any other dosage.
  • Do not try and overcompensate by putting in a double dose of LUMIGAN 0.01% as it can cause side effects.

If you stop using Lumigan 0.01% eye drops

  • The LUMIGAN 0.01% eye drops need consistency to work effectively and show some results.
  • You need to consult a doctor before you want to stop using LUMIGAN 0.01% eye drops as the pressure inside the eye might go high and could cause damage to the eyes.

General Instructions

  • Do not wear contact lenses while putting the drops in your eyes. Lumigan bimatoprost eye drops have components that might stain contact lenses. Wait for at least 15 minutes after the application to put your lenses back.
  • Do not rinse the dropper with water. Close the lid tightly to avoid spillage or 
  • If you are some other eye medication, wait for at least an hour to put that.
  • Use the Lumigan 0.01 eyedrops consistently to get some results. It will take approximately 2-3 weeks to see some good results.

Side Effects of Lumigan Eyelash Growth Drops

Usually, there are no side effects of using Lumigan eyelash growth drops but one can look for some side effects like:

  1. Burning, stinging, irritation, redness, or discomfort of the eye
  2. Dry Eyes, Watery Eyes
  3. Temporary unstable vision
  4. Dizziness
  5. Eye Pain
  6. Eye Swelling
  7. Blurred vision
  8. Change in eye color

Where to Buy Lumigan Eyelash Drops?

You can easily buy Lumigan eyelashes growth on the Livayush website where you will come across several discounts and offer prices. You can also buy this product over the counter or consult your doctor before buying. It is always important to buy good quality material from a trusted source and always watch out for reviews.

Lumigan Eye Drops composition

Lumigan 0.03% contains bimatoprost 0.3 mg/mL as its active ingredient. For its inactive ingredients, it has benzalkonium chloride 0.05 mg/mL; sodium chloride; sodium phosphate, dibasic; citric acid; and purified water. Sodium hydroxide and/or hydrochloric acid may be added to adjust pH.

Dosage of Lumigan Eye Drops

Lumigan eye drops should be used at night before sleeping. One drop per eye is sufficient. In case you have missed the application once, do not try to overcompensate in the next turn as it can have adverse effects. Skip the dosage and follow your regular pattern.

Active Ingredients

Lumigan 0.03% contains bimatoprost 0.3 mg/mL as its active ingredient. Bimatoprost helps the eye to flush out the excess liquid which causes pressure in the eyes. It allows the extra liquid pressure to move to the blood.

Storage Instructions

Lumigan eye drops are supposed to be stored in a cool and dry place that is away from moisture and harmful contaminants. The eye drop needs to be kept away from direct sunlight as it can change the chemical composition of the drops.

Precautions and Warning

  • Do not try to overdose yourself as it can harm your cornea.
  • Do not keep it in the reach of children or pets as it can harm them.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women must avoid using eye drops.
  • Do not expose the eye drop to direct sunlight.
  • In case of any noticeable side effects, 

Safety Tips

  • If you have any allergies, consult your doctor immediately and see if the active or inactive ingredients in the eye drop would have an adverse effect on you.
  • Always be careful about hygiene. Touching the tip of the dropper or using your hands while applying could cause contamination.
  • Keep it out of the reach of children and pets as it can cause some chemical reactions.


Do Lumigan eye drops need to be refrigerated?

You can keep the bottle in your refrigerator. The Lumigan eye drop should be kept in a cool and dry place with a temperature of fewer than 25 degrees Celsius. One must not expose it to the sun as it can have adverse sun reactions.

Why do you have to use Lumigan at night?

Lumigan should ideally be used at night when there is no sun exposure. It is better to put the drop and keep your eyes shut. There is no pressure at night to use gadgets as well and hence night is the best tie to use them.

Who should not use Lumigan?

Children under the age of 16 years, pregnant women, or women who are breastfeeding should not use the medicine as it can hamper the growth of the child. The medicine has steroids which can be harmful.

Does Lumigan affect heart rate?

Lumigan eye drops contain components such as bimatoprost which can change the color of the iris but it does not change your heart rate. 

How effective is Lumigan for glaucoma?

Lumigan contains bimatoprost which helps to reduce the fluid pressure in the eye. Glaucoma is a condition with the same causes and if not treated can cause permanent blindness. Use Lumigan eye drop consistently over 2-3 weeks to notice some results.

How can I lower my eye pressure fast?

Applying Lumigan 0.01 eye drops every night consistently for 2-3 weeks can help you see a significant change in your eye. For others, the drops can work in less than the estimated period. It is very individualistic.

How long does it take for Lumigan to lower eye pressure?

Applying Lumigan 0.01 eye drops every night consistently for 2-3 weeks can help you see a significant change in your eye. Make sure you are very consistent with the drops to see effective results.

How many days does a bottle of Lumigan last?

A bottle of Lumigan should last for 16 weeks in the first go. When you buy the second bottle, the doctor would advise you to reduce the dosage to 2-3 doses per week, and hence it can last for up to 6 months. However make sure you consult your doctor before increasing, decreasing, or stopping your dosage.

Can Lumigan damage your eyes?

Overusing Lumigan can damage your eyes. It can cause some kind of side effects like irritation or a burning sensation. In case of these side effects, rinse off your eyes immediately and visit your doctor.

Can I stop using Lumigan?

You can stop using the eye drop after a consultation with your doctor. Stopping an eye drop immediately without any consultation can have adverse effects. It is always better to take medical advice before changing your dosage.

What happens if I use too much Lumigan?

Using too much Limigan medicine can cause adverse effects on your eyes. It can cause damage to your iris or cornea. It is better to rinse off the excessive eyedrop immediately and see a doctor in case there are any side effects.


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