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What Are Non Healing Wounds and Scars? – Causes and Treatment

What are Non Healing Wounds?

A non healing wound is a wound that doesn’t heal even after 3-4 weeks of treatment. They are caused by many conditions varying from person to person. It may be due to reduced immunity by increasing age, severe dermatological condition, hormonal changes due to some illness, etc.

Signs That Indicate You Have Non Healing Scar / Wound

Chronic wounds or non healing scars are wounds that do not heal in an orderly set of time. This includes more than 3 months or even a year of an inflammatory stage of a wound. The wounds and scars treatment that go past the inflammatory stage are not chronic wounds, they are just deep scars.

Look out for these conditions to determine if you have a non healing wound or scar

  1. Inflammatory sensations occurring regularly
  2. A wound that gets active again by even a small activity in the area
  3. Observing long term pain even after the wound looks to be healed.

If you have any conditions from the above-mentioned ones, you need to get the wound examined by a healthcare professional and get a prescription for the treatment.

How To Cure Non Healing Wounds?

A wound that won’t heal can be a cause of frustration in this era of busy lives. It may also lead to developing certain infections and eventually nurture a disease. In most extreme cases like Melasma epidermic, it may also lead to the loss of a limb.

To prevent such conditions, the first step is to recognize that non healing wounds need immediate medical attention. Ignoring the condition for a long time would be detrimental.

For serious wound conditions, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is done to cure it fully. For bearable conditions, any formula containing the active ingredient Placenta Extracts Topical 0.25% w/w is used. Chronic non healing wounds, lesions, and continuous inflammation of any kind are cured by this formula. For healed wounds, the scar removal can be done by the OTC ointment Mederma Advanced Scar Gel, there is no need for extreme medicines for such healed and less severe wounds.

Best Ointments For Curing Chronic Non Healing Wounds

Among all the ointments available for curing chronic non healing wounds, Placentrex gel by Albert David Ltd. is proven to be the most reliable one. There aren’t any records of any observable side effects of using Placentrex gel.

Nitrogen/ Fresh human placental extract is a gel that consists of nitrogen and human placental extract. Placentrex gel is used to heal chronic wounds that aren’t healing, and inflammation of the placenta. This medication is also available as a gel for topical application.

The placenta contains a large number of vitamins and minerals, as well as peptides, amino acids, nucleic and hyaluronic acids. Placentrex is an all-natural substance that has a low risk of having any negative side effects from it.

How Does Placental Extract Gel Work?

Placenta extract belongs to a group of medicines called human-derived ingredients. It works by increasing the blood flow and certain levels of proteins by promoting tissue regeneration and allows wound healing with minimal scars.

If you are looking for a one-stop solution that can help to get rid of those fine lines and wrinkles along with keeping your skin hydrated, then you should take a look at the Placentrex gel which is made with natural and fresh placenta extract with Nitrogen.

Benefits of Placental Extract Gel

  1. Placentrex gel has excellent healing properties. It reduces small scars and non-healing wounds.
  2. Gradually slows the aging process, smoothens and prevent wrinkles on the face and fine lines around the eyes, and stimulates the production of new cells.
  3. Reduces excessive oil from the skin and normalizes the activity of facial sebaceous glands.
  4. Absolutely hypoallergenic, well-tolerated and approved product and don’t have any known side effects.
  5. They can help you keep your skin hydrated and fresh to give you a younger-looking appearance.

How to Use Placentrex Gel?

  1. This gel is for external use only
  2. Make sure you clean the affected area properly before applying the gel to it.
  3. Also, wash your hands properly before and after applying this placental extract gel.
  4. Don’t cover the affected areas with a bandage, or any sort of cover unless you are told to do so by your doctor.
  5. Applying excessive amounts may result in the peeling of the skin. Use a thin layer of the gel to avoid peeling.
  6. The results may be seen even after two weeks of usage.

For more info on Placentrex Gel click here.