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Acne & Skin Problems

Dosetil Desonide Lotion 0.05%


Acne & Skin Problems

Efatop PE Emollient Cream


Acne & Skin Problems

Efatop PE Emollient Cream


Medical Skin Lightening

Eukroma Cream (hydroquinone 4 %) 20g


Acne & Skin Problems

Hirudal Mucopolysaccharides Cream


Medical Skin Lightening

Hydroquinone 4% Cream (Melalite) 30g


Skin Care

Kojic Acid Cream


Herbal Skin Lightening

Kozimax Kojic Acid Cream 15g


In order to trust a company, you have got to learn about its history, check the quality of its products and finally read the reviews that the users have left to alert or recommend the brand to others. If you are looking for such a company, you have got to trust in the name of Livayush. Our skin lightening creams have always been the bestselling products on our e-store. BRITE Hydroquinone 4 Cream, AHAglow Face Wash Gel, Glycolic Acid Cream, HYDE Hydroquinone 5% Solution USP Topical and other such creams are designed to give the best skin texture to you. The good news is that these creams are not very expensive. You may have checked the price of the skin lightening creams manufactured by other brands; when you compare the prices of their creams with ours, you notice that our products are not only affordable, but also approved by almost all of our “loyal” customers.

Buy skin-lightening cream from our gallery

So you are all set to buy your very first skin lightening cream from our gallery, but would want to learn a bit more about it - everybody wants to know everything about a specific product before buying and using it and thus, we understand your concern.

Before you purchase a skin lightening cream from our e-store and start using it, you have got to learn about its benefits. There are so many things that your skin is going to feel and you must know every detail about it. Here’s a list of advantages of using a skin lightening cream:

  • A skin lightening cream is used by people with freckles on their face: You may have met people with freckled skin; they are usually less confident because of the texture of their skin. The good thing about using a skin lightening cream is that it helps people with a freckled skin. It allows them to look great and get rid of their freckles.
  • If you have a lot of acne scars on your face, a skin lightening cream can help you get rid of them: Acne scars can destroy the look of your face. You either have to go for all those home remedies that have been discovered to give the best results to your skin or hide your scars with makeup. But what you don’t know is that you can also go for a skin lightening cream and get rid of all the ugly acne scars that you have been cursed with. No acne scars means no curses!
  • A skin lightening creams makes you fairer than your actual skin tone: If your skin has always been dark, a skin lightening cream can help you, unless you are not regularly using it.
  • You look naturally beautiful, thanks to skin lightening creams: You can bid farewell to your makeup kit when you start using our skin lightening creams.
  • There is a peace in your heart when you use a skin lightening cream: You feel more confident than ever before when you use our skin lightening creams that take care of your face and beauty. You walk with your chin up because you know that people are appreciating your beauty with their eyes.
  • Our skin lightening creams work as anti-aging creams as well: If you hide your age and people catch your lies, the good thing to do is use a good skin lightening cream, which works as an anti-aging cream as well.

No matter how young or old you are, you always want to look your best. You want people to admire you and you certainly wish to be an inspiration to many. If you want to impress the others around you, pick up any of our skin lightening creams and use it on a regular basis.

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