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Best Eyelash Growth Serums

Don’t want to invest more money on mascara? Want to enhance the look of your eyes without being too fussy about your makeup? How about investing a little bit of money for something that would enhance your eyelashes for the rest of your life? Buy from the best eyelash growth serums from Livayush and see the change for yourself.

Dream of Getting Long, Thick and Dark Eyelashes

Getting long, thick, dark and healthy eyelashes is a dream of every woman on this planet. We curl and layer mascara in the hopes of appearing wide-eyed and attractive, yet this attention can lead to broken, crispy and un-natural lashes which look eye-catching, but not healthy.

Lash is a hair that grows on the border of the eyelid and protects eyes from debris like sweat, water, and dirt. Basically, lashes are thus, should be treated with caution as they are the primary field of protection for the eyeballs. You can find a wide variety of cheap lash serums at Livayush that guarantee effective results.

We put mascara or fake eyelashes to present our lashes that look like heaven. But for how long ladies? Why not we try to grow thick and long eyelashes naturally with our eye lash growth cream and serum? If you're currently thinking about ways to take care of your lashes, then you have come to the perfect location. Livayush is here to help you out with your damaged eyelashes. We have a number of best cheap eye lash cream with us that will give you the type of eyelashes you’ve always wanted.

First of all, let’s take a look at which things you should follow if you are applying mascara-

Pick your mascara wisely

Of course, you might be yelling, crying or swimming while wearing mascara. But with waterproof mascara, eyelashes would be in the same condition as the hair when blow-dried, i.e. dry, unnatural and brittle. Its waterproof nature makes it impossible to remove without pulling out several lashes. So, try using normal mascara every time.

Clean with Care

Make sure you always remove the mascara before you call it night. Also use a smooth cleanser for removing mascara as they are super gentle on the lashes.

Take good care of Curler

Eyelash curlers are good tools for boosting your eyelashes. But it becomes a breeding ground for germs when not taken care of properly. Before using, you should always moisturize your curler; at least spray down or make use of some antibacterial wipe. Even though curlers are a good way to enhance your natural eyelashes, they are only mild if you know exactly how to use them.

Best Eyelash Growth Serums & Creams at Livayush

Don’t want to spend money on mascara? Not a problem. You can enhance your eyelash looks without being too fussy about makeup. How about investing some penny for something that would take care of your eyelashes for the rest of your life?

With our eyelash growth products like Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution BIMAT, Careprost Eyelash Serum, Eyelash growth cream and Lumigan Eyelash Enhancer, your eyelash problems will disappear in thin air. Let’s dive into our products of eyelashes category in brief.

Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution BIMAT

BIMAT Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution is an award-winning eyelash enhancer especially designed to reduce the pressure deep within the eye often referred to as intraocular pressure. It is a unique option which enable you to grow thick, long, dark healthy & beautiful natural eyelashes, eyebrows.

Ophthalmic solution operates by altering the circulation or the circulation of aqueous humor in the eyeball. It is the best way to treat Glaucoma naturally. Controlling the cataract via the usage of Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution can help to slow down the loss of vision.

Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution Careprost Eye Drops

It is used to treat the hair deficiency of eyelashes including growth, length, thickness and darkness. The ophthalmic form of this medicine is used for the treatment of inadequate number of eyelashes i.e. hypotrichosis. It increases their length, thickness, and darkness.

The drops are formulated under the best hygienic conditions by utilizing the best quality of chemicals and sophisticated technology.

It is mostly prescribed for…

  1. Intraocular hypertension
  2. Open angle Glaucoma
  3. Hypotrichosis of the eyelashes

Lumigan Eyelash Enhancer

Latisse is the generic name of Lumigan Eyelash Enhancer. It is an FDA approved eyelash solution used to restore prostaglandin receptors i.e. Glaucoma treatment. It has bimatropost as an active component for about 0.03%.

Its main function is to lower the eye pressure thereby increasing the flow of fluids from the eye.

You can easily find all these products at our online store along with many hair care and skin care products like Eflora, and Elyn for hair removal, KeraXL Hair growth serum, Ketocip Ketoconazole dandruff shampoo, Sebowash shampoo, Efaderm moisturizing cream, EGA anti-aging cream, Multani Mitti face mask, Hydroquinone cream 4% for skin lightening and many more…

You can use our best eyelash growth creams without worrying about any harmful side-effects. You just have to be sure to use the products properly and on time, take care of certain factors like diet, and other medications.

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