Nailrox Nail Lacquer: Ciclopirox Nail Lacquer 8%


Nailrox Nail Lacquer, manufactured by Intas Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., is an antifungal medication used to treat yeast infections, athlete’s foot, jock itch, tinea infections, seborrheic dermatitis, etc.

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Nailrox Nail Lacquer is manufactured by Intas Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. It is a synthetic antifungal treatment for conditions like mycoses. It is typically applied to the skin. It stops the growth of fungus in toenails and fingernails by treating athlete’s foot, jock itch, tinea infection, seborrheic dermatitis, etc.

The Ciclopirox nail lacquer is composed of Ciclopirox olamine topical 8% w/w as a key ingredient to treat fungal infections. It inhibits most Candida, Epidermophyton, Microsporum, Trichophyton species and M. furfur by disrupting DNA, RNA and protein synthesis.

Uses of Ciclopirox Lacquer

Onychomycosis: The Ciclopirox lacquer treats fingernails and toenails characterized by thickened nails, whitish to yellow-brown discolouration, brittle or ragged nails, etc.

Athlete’s Foot: Ciclopirox lacquer also treats fungal infections of the feet.

Jock Itch: Treats fungal infections around the inner thighs, genitals and buttocks.

Seborrheic Dermatitis: Ciclopirox lacquer is used to treat fungal infections on the skin and scalp like dandruff, redness, itching, etc.

Tinea Versicolor:  Treats tinea versicolor characterized by small and discoloured patches on the skin.

Tinea Corporis: Treats inflammatory or non-inflammatory lesions on the glabrous skin.

How to Use Ciclopirox Nail Lacquer on Infected Nails?

  1. Use as advised by your doctor or checked the label before using ciclopirox lacquer.
  2. Trim your nails properly.
  3. Apply the ciclopirox nail lacquer with the given applicator brush to the affected nails.
  4. Let it dry for 30 seconds.

Other uses

Ciclopirox nail lacquer can also be prescribed for other uses. Consult your doctor for more information.

General Instructions

  1. Avoid getting this Ciclopirox lacquer into your eyes, mouth, or nose. In case of accidental contact rinse with plenty of water immediately.
  2. Avoid using any nail varnishes, or artificial nails during the treatment.
  3. Don’t share your nail-filer with anyone as this can cause infection.
  4. Don’t cover the applied area with bandages or other covering unless directed by your doctor.

Side Effects of Ciclopirox Nail Lacquer

You may experience some major or minor side effects of using ciclopirox lacquer which include swelling, rashes, headache, burning sensation, and redness. If any of these conditions persist, consult your doctor at once.

Patient Information

Before starting treatment, make sure you have removed loose nail or nail materials using nail files or nail clippers. If you have diabetes or a problem with numbness in your fingers or toes, then talk to your doctor before trimming nails or removing any nail material.

Use Ciclopirox nail lacquer as directed by your healthcare professional. This nail lacquer is only for external purpose. Do not use nail polish or other nail cosmetic products while using nail lacquer for fungal treatment. Avoid using nail lacquer near heat or open flame, because generally, nail lacquer is flammable. 

Apply lacquer on your affected nails once daily (preferably at bedtime) with the applicator brush provided. Apply it gently over the entire nail. Let the nail lacquer dry for at least 30 seconds before putting on socks. After the nail lacquer fungal treatment, wait 8 hours before taking bath or shower.

Remove the Ciclopirox nail lacquer with alcohol, once a week. Use a scissor, nail clipper, or nail file to remove the damaged nail. Repeat this cycle of nail lacquer fungal treatment throughout therapy. 

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Please Note

  • Do not allow the solution to get into the bottle threads to prevent the screw cap from sticking to the bottle.
  • The bottle should be closed tightly after every use so the solution does not dry out.
  • Replace bottle into carton after each use to protect it from light.


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