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Brite cream is one of the Best skin-lightening creams that remove any dark spots that come with age. It decreases skin pigmentation, melasma, and other discoloration. Brite cream works as a bleaching agent which obstructs the production of melanin that causes these reactions.

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Brite cream is manufactured by Wallace Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. It has the properties of skin lightening substance which is hydroquinone. It is used to inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase which is important when it comes to the synthesis of melanin pigments. Melanin is a substance in the skin responsible for skin lightening. If you are suffering from skin problems, then it is recommended to apply this ointment to the affected area once or twice daily or as instructed by your dermatologist. Before the application, make sure to have a patch test to check for any reaction. Avoid any contact with the eyes, nose, or mouth. It is equally important to not expose yourself to the sun, tanning booths, and sun lamps. You will start noticing the difference within a few days of its first application.

How to Use Brite Cream 20Gm?

  • Wash your face and hands properly before the application.
  • Clean your hands thoroughly before and after the application.
  • Put the ointment on the affected area.

This medicine is for external use only. Always refer to your doctor before applying the cream to your skin. Always check the ‘direction for use’ section on the box before using it for the first time.

Uses of Brite Cream 20Gm

Brite Hydroquinone Cream is used in the case of any of the following skin conditions:

  1. Melasma
  2. Lightens light brown color patches on the skin
  3. Skin discolorations associated with pregnancy
  4. Protection of skin from ultraviolet rays
  5. Age spots
  6. Sunburn


Apply the ointment once or twice a day or as directed by your dermatologist.

In case you have missed your application, apply as soon as you remember. If it is almost time for your second application, then avoid taking the first one. Do not take extra medicine to make up for the missed one. In case the problem remains persistent, set an alarm or ask someone to remind you. However, you need to apply the cream consistently for effective results. Make it a part of your skincare routine to get the best results.

Active Ingredients

The active ingredient in Brite Cream is Hydroquinone Topical and Oxybenzone Topical.

Storage Instructions

  • Store the ointment at room temperature. 
  • Keep it away from sunlight. 
  • Keep it away from the reach of children and pets.
  • Do not flush this medicine into the toilet or pour them in drainage unless instructed to do so as it can contaminate the environment.
  • Discard expired medicine.

General Instructions

  • Brite cream is used to lighten the pigmented skin. Here are some general instructions that you need to keep in mind while applying this cream.
  • The cream should be used together with sunscreen and protective clothing if going out.
  • Apply only a thin layer around the affected area.
  • Avoid getting this cream into the mouth or eyes. Immediately wash it in case it gets into these parts.
  • Results can be seen within a week of applying it. For long-term results, wait for 4 weeks to 2-3 months.
  • Do not use this longer than 6 to 8 weeks without consulting your doctor.
  • Before using this medicine, do talk about any previous medical condition or history especially if you have psoriasis or eczema. 
  • First, you need to do a patch test for any kind of allergic reaction.
  • Use good quality sunscreen along with the Brite cream so that you get maximum protection from harmful sun rays and avoid overexposure to the sun.

Major or Minor Side Effects of Brite Cream

If used in the wrong way, the Brite cream might have some minor or major side effects that you need to watch out for. It includes mild burning, skin peeling, redness, stinging, itching, and dryness that may occur by using Brite day cream. Major side effects may include skin cracking, blistering, and blue-black darkening of the skin. 

We recommend you seek medical help immediately if you come across any such issue. Always conduct a patch test for the same before the full application.

How Brite Hydroquinone 4 Cream 20g Works 

Brite cream has one main function and that is to reduce the secretion of melanin in the skin which causes dark pigmentation and other skin problems. However, to get permanent results, you will have to make the cream a part of your skincare routine for a long period since skin cells die and renew after every few days.

Brite Cream 20Gm Benefits

Brite Cream 20Gm helps to remove any pigmentation or black spots that are caused by suppressing the overproduction of melanin. It reduces the secretion of melanin in the skin so that there are visibly fewer dark spots.

Precautions and Warning

  • Do not keep the cream in reach of children or pets.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight.
  • Dispose of the cream if it is expired.
  • Do not overuse the cream to compensate for the missed application.
  • Always do a patch test before using.

Safety Tips

  • Use sun protection and cover your skin whenever possible.
  • Check for a trusted source before buying.
  • Always refer to your dermatologist before the initial application

Buying Guide Brite Cream 20Gm

Livayush is a premium beauty care brand that aims to solve a lot of problems faced by people all over the world. Brite cream 20Gm is one of our premium products that reduce dark spots and pigmentation over time in an effective manner. One can buy it online on the website. Do look out for any coupon codes or discounts going on.


Does Brite cream remove dark spots?

Melanin is the enzyme that causes dark spots and pigmentation in the skin. Brite cream helps to reduce the overproduction of this enzyme which can help reduce the visibility of these dark spots and pigmentation.

How long does Brite cream take to work?

Brite cream 20Gm will take two applications per day for 6-8 weeks to work its magic. With any brightening cream, it is very important to stay consistent and wait for the results patiently.

Can we use Brite cream on the face?

Bright cream can be used on the face. However, you need to conduct a patch test on your arm or wrist before the first application so that you are sure that it will not cause any allergic reaction.

Is Brite Cream a steroid?

Brite cream is not a steroid that will cause any serious side effects. However, you need to take a patch test to check for any allergens or talk to your dermatologist about any kind of precautions needed.

What are hydroquinone 4 creams used for?

Hydroquinone 4 creams are used for lightening the skin especially used by people suffering from dark spots or pigmentation. By consistently applying it for 6-8 weeks one can see the change in the radiance of the skin.

How effective is hydroquinone 4 cream?

Hydroquinone needs at least 6-8 weeks to work its magic. In this, the quality also matters a lot. Make sure to buy only a quality product when it comes to your skin. Using products that compromise on quality can damage your skin.

Does hydroquinone lighten skin permanently?

Hydroquinone does not work instantly but lightens the skin with 6-8 weeks of consistent usage. This change is not permanent and would fade away once you stop applying the cream. The skin cells renew themselves after a few days and thus one has to apply the cream constantly.


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