Betadine Antiseptic Cream

Manufactured by Avrio Health LP, Betadine is a topical antiseptic cream for wounds, specifically used in preventing invasion and effect of germs on minor cuts, burns, and scrapes. It is also used for common skin infections like infected nails, tinea, cold sores, etc.


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Betadine Antibiotic Cream for Wounds

Betadine Antibiotic Cream for Wounds is manufactured by Avrio Health LP. It works as a disinfectant in cases of minor injuries like cuts, burns, cold sores, abrasions, etc. One can introduce this cream in the basic first aid box as it helps sanitize the minor wounds occurring in day-to-day life.

Betadine Wound Care Mechanism

Tincture of Iodine products is known to be used as antiseptics for decades. It contained alcohol and peroxide products that tend to sting when applied. Today, the Betadine Wound Care Mechanism promises a no-sting treatment and prevention of infection in minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.

The main active ingredient PVP-I (povidone-iodine) signals the working when it changes its color to signature golden brown when applied.

Difference Between Betadine Antiseptic Cream & Ointment

The Betadine Antiseptic Cream differs from the Betadine Antiseptic Ointment in the sense that the cream is more effective in terms of results and application. In application, the cream is spread evenly into the wounds and also has a high concentration of active ingredient (povidone-iodine, 5%).

Secondly, ointment can be used only for mild conditions like minor burns, cuts, and abrasions; while cream can be used for minor burns, minor scalds, blisters, cuts, scratches and the prevention of infection. The ointment works better in concentrated areas while cream works better even in larger areas.

How To Use Betadine Antibiotic Cream for Wounds

Treat your minor cuts, scrapes, and wounds by Betadine Antibiotic Cream for Wounds in 3 simple steps.

  1. Gently clean the affected/injured area with tap water.
  2. Apply a fine layer of cream on the affected area and spread evenly.
  3. Cover it with a sterile bandage if necessary

Potential Side Effects Of Betadine Antiseptic Cream

The ingredients of Betadine Antiseptic Cream are not prone to any kind of side effects. The external application is not harmful, but care should be taken so that there is not internal contact mistakenly. Keep it out of reach of children.


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