Benoquin Cream Monobenzone 20%


Benoquin cream Monobenzone is a great ointment for the cure of vitiligo. It is one of the most highly recommended ointments for the same as it helps the patients to maintain their same skin shade. It does not cause any depigmentation.

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Benoquin Cream Monobenzone 20% - 20gm

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Benoquin Cream Monobenzone 20% is a popular remedy for the treatment of vitiligo. It is recommended by doctors and dermatologists but can be used without a prescription. It does not tamper with the color of the skin who are suffering from the same. Vitiligo is a skin condition that reduces skin color. It is always better to treat it at an early stage because it spreads over the whole body with time. The patches first start to appear more on the neck, lips, nose, arms, hands, and legs.

The main ingredient of this cream is monobenzone, hence the name, Benoquin cream Monobenzone. The Benoquin cream Monobenzone works by controlling the production of melanin in the skin. Different concentrations are available for monobenzone cream like monobenzone cream at 20%, monobenzone cream at 40% & monobenzone cream at 60%. A high concentration of monobenzone cream usually monobenzone cream 40% & of monobenzone cream and 60% allows users to get rid of the very strong pigmentation and avoid having the same problem again.

How to Use Benoquin Cream?

  1. Apply a thin layer of the cream over the affected area 2-3 times every day or as per your dermatologist.
  2. Always use a good quality SPF cream while going on in sun. Do not get direct sun exposure and cover your skin with protective clothing.
  3. It might take up to 4 months to get the desired effects. After this period it is easier to maintain the skin color. The dosage would also be lesser. Do consult your doctor for any change in the dosage.
  4. If the visible results are not seen even after 3 to 4 weeks, you must discontinue the usage of the Benoquin cream Monobenzone. When the ideal level of depigmentation is achieved, the cream should be reapplied. To make all the necessary changes, it is imperative to consult your doctor.


If you have missed your dosage, you mustn’t overcompensate. If it is almost time for the next dosage, skip the current dosage and follow your regular schedule. There should be a difference of 4-5 hours between every dose.

General Instructions

  1. Always be clear about any prior allergic reaction to the ingredient of this cram. Let your doctor know about this and your medical history, especially the one which is related to the skin
  2. Also, discuss the risks and benefits related to the usage of the cream with your doctor. 
  3. Do not apply the cream if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. It can be harmful to the skin.
  4. Do not make any changes in your dosage without consulting your doctor.
  5. The cream could be harmful if swallowed or it gets into your nose, mouth, or eyes. Immediately rinse it off or consult your doctor.

Information for the Patient

The use of Benoquin cream Monobenzone is not recommended for anything other than the treatment of vitiligo. You must not use the cream on other places other than the one that is affected. Ignorance may result in decoloration or depigmentation.


  1. Avoid getting Benoquin cream Monobenzone in your mouth, nose, or eyes as it can be pretty harmful.
  2. Do not go outside in the sun after using the cream. Avoid the sun and use sunscreen, or wear protective clothing. Avoid using sun exposure, sunlamps, or tanning booths.
  3. Do not use Benoquin cream Monobenzone for hyperpigmentation.
  4. Do not use Benoquin cream Monobenzone as a bleach. It is a strong depigmentation agent. Only use for the treatment of vitiligo.
  5. Keep Benoquin cream Monobenzone out of the reach of children or animals as it can be quite dangerous for them. In case of accidental exposure or ingestion contact your doctor immediately.

Side Effects of Benoquin Cream 

Once you start using Benoquin cream Monobenzone, you might face some side effects. Some may include mild burning, skin irritation, redness, cracking, or peeling of treated skin. In case the side effects persist for a longer duration or increase in intensity, stop using the medicine and consult your doctor with immediate effect.

Where to Buy Benoquin Cream Monobenzone 20%?

You can buy monobenzone cream at 20%, monobenzone cream at 40%, and monobenzone cream at 60% on the Livayush website easily. Not only is it cheaper than the market standard but also gives wonderful offers on bulk buying. Be aware of the fake products sold online. Read the positive reviews on the website before buying the product.

How Benoquin Cream Monobenzone works

Benoquin cream Monobenzone has an immunity suppressant and helps to improve conditions for vitiligo. It depigments the skin and helps to get an even skin tone due to the problems caused by the disease.

Uses of Benoquin Cream Monobenzone 

Benoquin cream Monobenzone can cause depigmentation which will help elevate the symptoms of vitiligo. It reduces the other side effects of skin diseases. Do not over-apply the cream as it can cause adverse effects on your skin.

Benoquin Benoquin Cream Monobenzone composition

The cream contains Monobenzone which is the mono benzyl ether of hydroquinone. It helps the patients to depigment the skin of the person suffering from vitiligo.

Active Ingredients

Benoquin Cream contains Monobenzone as its active ingredient which is the mono benzyl ether of hydroquinone. It helps the patients to depigment the skin of the person suffering from vitiligo.

Storage Instructions

Store the Benoquin Cream Monobenzone 20% in a cool and dry place away from the reach of children or animals at home as it can detrimental to their health. There is no need to referigerate the cream. The cream can be stored at a temperature of fewer than 30 degrees Celsius.

Benoquin Cream Monobenzone Benefits

The Benoquin Cream Monobenzone 20% helps to depigment the skin. It cures the problems and side effects related to vitiligo. Do not overuse the product as it can cause serious side effects. It is not bleach and should be used only with a doctor’s prescription.

Safety Tips

  • Never use an expired product. Always check the expiration date.
  • Do not use the product if it is punctured or leaking.
  • Do not expose the cream to sunlight as it can cause a change in chemical composition.
  • Do not overapply the cream as it can harm the skin.
  • Do not use the Benoquin Cream Monobenzone 20% as a bleach that would cause harm to the skin.
  • Keep it out of the reach of children or animals.
  • In case the cream gets in contact with the eyes, mouth, or nose, immediately rinse it off.
  • If the side effects get really out of control, stop using the cream immediately and consult your doctor. 


How quickly does benoquin work?

You would need to apply the Benoquin cream Monobenzone two to three times a day or as per the orders, of your doctor to see some visible results. Consistency is required to see some adequate results of Benoquin cream Monobenzone.

Does benoquin lighten skin?

Benoquin cream contains monobenzone which is a strong bleaching agent and helps the skin to depigment. It is a strong agent that helps people suffering from vitiligo get proper treatment. Do not use the cream in surplus.

Can a normal person use a benoquin?

No, a person without any skin condition such as vitiligo should not use Benoquin cream Monobenzone as it contains strong bleaching agents which can harm the skin. This medicine is to be kept away from unnecessary usage.

Is benoquin cream safe?

Yes, Benoquin cream Monobenzone is safe to use and has been used to treat vitiligo. It is recommended by doctors and is FDA-approved. Do not overuse the medicine and keep it out of the reach of children and animals.





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