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How To Downshift The Ageing Process By Livayush

“Don’t Let Aging Get You Down. It is Hard To Get Rid”

Is it possible that we can stay at the prime of our life that is adulthood and not age at all?. Almost everyone has the fear of aging, but it is obvious that aging is a natural process and we cannot always stay in our adulthood.  Fear of aging is called as “Gerascophobia”. It is believed that many of us have Gerascophobia because in this world, only pretty things are being looked upon and with aging, we may not look as pretty and behave actively as we did in our adulthood.


It is so delightful to hear if someone says “ You look younger than your age”. We develop a sense of pride in our head. Old age sure makes you an experienced and a matured person, it also brings many unwanted guests like wrinkles, health issues, loneliness,  and of course loss of memory. It is difficult to tackle aging as it is an unconscious process and often unnoticed. There are certain beliefs that as you start aging, you are unable to contribute to society and hence treated as dispensable members of the community.

When you enter into your 30s, the real struggle begins. The old age stars affecting your appearance. Wrinkles, dark patches on your face, dark circles under your eyes, dull skin eventually starts to become noticeable. Your favorite cosmetic products stop working on your skin. Seems like a nightmare right?. Well, that’s life. It is really very hard to deal with that but it is the reality.

Collagen is the main protein of connective tissue that keeps your skin young and healthy. But during the natural aging process Collagen is reduced and wrinkles are formed.

It is wise to take care of your skin before everything goes out of your hand. There are some ways to reduce premature skin aging such as protect your skin from the sun every day, if you smoke, stop smoking, eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, Exercise most of the days, clean your skin gently. In addition to these, there are various anti-aging formulas that can help you to deal with this. Anti-aging techniques like Botox treatment, chemical face peel, surgical facelifts, etc are really very expensive and also have risk involved in it.

Anti-aging creams are safe and cheaper to keep your skin healthy and young. The market is growing with anti-aging cream products. These are reliable products that are used to delay aging.

  1. Amylac Lactic Acid cream 12% is used to cure dry and scaly skin resulting from aging effect.
  2. BOXTLAK-BL cream has a powerful ingredient called  Palmitoyl Hexapeptide which gives you younger looking skin.


Only women do not fantasize to look young and beautiful always, Men also wish for the same. Most guys look older than their age. It is because they don’t take care of their skin properly. Men also need to travel and they do not sit at their places at all. Therefore it becomes very difficult for them to take proper care of their skin and unlike women, they do nothing to slow down the process of aging. Men can do plenty of things to delay aging like drinking plenty of water, eating more fruits and vegetables, quit smoking and drinking, exercise on a regular basis, etc.

Also, they can make use of anti-aging creams available in the market. These creams are not just popular among women, but a large part of the male population makes use of Anti-aging creams. There are many Anti-aging masks, face creams, gels, etc available worldwide.  Following are the Anti-aging creams which can be used by Men.

  1. Ammonium lactate12 cream relieves you from itching caused due to dry skin by increasing the moisture level in the skin.
  2. The retino AC gel does not only treat acne and pimple but also shows impressive results of Anti-aging.
  3. Clindamycin fights the bacteria and Tretinoin reduces the amount of oil.
  4. Efaderm cream restores moisture and makes it look young.
  5. Multani  Mitti face mask removes all the impurities from your skin. This face pack is useful for those who have dry and scaly skin.


Use of Anti-aging creams for a long period of time can cause redness of the skin, black and brown spots, burning sensation. Some people might develop red patches and blisters on the skin after the use of Anti-aging creams. Chemicals like DEA, MEA, TEA have been found in the Anti-aging creams.


  1. You need to first list down the chemicals you are allergic to.
  2.  Check out the ingredients of the cream.
  3. Read the side effects of the cream.

It is crucial to look young and beautiful because it boosts your confidence and you can attain your goals easily. Many factors such as personal relationships, professional relationships depend upon your youthful appearance. Use the right Anti-aging creams when you enter into the 30s and get beautiful and younger looking skin.