100% Effective Ways to Take Care of Eyelashes

Do you wish to have long, and ravishing eyelashes? Who doesn’t!? Having thick and healthy eyelashes is considered to be one of the personality traits of every human. There are so many eyelash serums available in the market that can prove super effective and gentle on your lashes. But you should know how to identify them.

Eyelash is the hair which develops at the edge of the eyelid and protects the eyes from debris such as water, sweat, and dirt. Eyelashes are therefore, should be treated with caution and are the primary line of protection for the eyeballs.

While using mascara and curlers, we tend to destroy those little beauties. They get cracked, become fragile, lose color, and eventually break. There are many effective ways to take care of them and make sure they stay healthy.

Here’s How You Should be Protecting Them

Do you remember how many coats of mascara you put every now and then? Well who’s counting? At least you might have noticed the changes in your eyelashes and considered taking care of them. Here’s the trick, about how you should use and remove products on the eyelashes. Lets’ get on with it…

Choose your Mascara Sensibly

Please for the love of God, avoid using waterproof mascara unless you are going to cry, or swim or getting your face splashed with water. But for everyday regular wear, skip using the long-lasting formulas. The chemical makeup used to make the water-proof mascara does more harm than good to your eyelashes.

Imagine what your hair looks like when blow-dried every day and flattened it with iron or straightener without using any conditioner. Frizzy and damaged, right? This is what happens to your eyelashes when put a water-proof mascara. So, always choose mascara wisely keeping the health of your eyelashes in mind.

Remove your Mascara Every Single Time

Just let your lashes breathe for once in the whole day. Remove your makeup every time before you call it nights. For the sake of your skin and your lashes, remove that Makeup which soaked the hydration off your skin. So, don’t ever skip removing the mascara off your eyelashes.

After removing mascara, do consider applying an eyelash growth serum after cleansing them properly. Lumigan Eye drops is one of the best eyelash enhancers to try out for eyelash care.

Clean Gently

Now that you have agreed on a daily lash cleanser, you might want to consider dealing with your stubborn mascara in gentle way. If you are dealing with fragile lashes, you might start using want to start using a cream cleanser. They are super gentle on the eyelashes and you won’t be struggling removing the mascara.

With a lotion cleanser, just a splash of 1 or 2 moves and water does the trick as long as you follow this up with a cotton ball to remove everything.

Take Care of Curler

Make-up residue on any kit or tool can become a breeding ground for the bacteria and can seriously damage your body in later run. Always spray down the residue or just wipe out the curler or any other tool you were using.

Though curlers are a gentle way to boost your lashes, they are proven effective only if you use them gently.

Final Words…

These were some of the most effective ways you can imply on daily basis. You just have to spare a little bit of your time to remove your eye make-up. Eyelashes are very much a part of who we are. So, they should be paid as much attention as we lavish our skin and hair. And there is no such magic wand that can give you long, thick and luscious eyelashes.

You have to initiate using the right products for you. We, at Livayush, provide you the solution for each and every skin and hair problems whether it is the hair growth, hair removal, anti-aging, skin lightening and many more; Livayush is one stop solution for you.